Vanden Borre

Product of the Year

According to Vanden Borre the screwdriver is the best product of the year 2023.

The Best Product of the Year competition celebrates the best new products on the market.

This year, the Belgian winner was remarkable. The screwdriver: on the market since 1932, applauded as an innovation in 2023.

Electronics brands are obsessed with innovation.

Is your product broken? There’s only one option: replacing it.
Vanden Borre wants to end this toxic replacement culture, by offering a green alternative: our own repair service. 

We launched a national campaign… Why an invention from 1932 should be voted the best product of 2023. Because repairs are more sustainable than replacement.

The result?

The audience loved how we hacked the pinnacle of consumerism. And that is how the humble screwdriver became Best Product of the Year 2023.