How we brought the Brussels Motor Show to people’s homes.

Every year brands vie for attention at the Brussel Motor Show.

Covid-19 made it a real challenge to get people to experience your brand-new cars in the physical sense. That’s why Opel wanted to find a solution enabling potential buyers to test-drive their latest models at home. Our idea had to revolve around the electric Opel Mokka-e, 2020’s showpiece.


We introduced something new: the Mokka E-SRM, an auditory test drive.

The concept plays on an important asset: the complete silence of the electric engine and the fact that this makes for a very relaxing drive. As an answer to the ASMR trend, we let people experience a road trip with their eyes closed. One that lets you unwind completely and enjoy raindrops on the windshield, gentle waves lapping the shore or the relaxing buzz of the city.  

People were invited for an auditory test drive through sponsored sessions and video takeovers on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

On Opel’s Spotify channel, people could escape from all the daily hustle and bustle for half an hour and relax behind the wheel of the Mokka-e. Divine. 


NL - 30s


FR - 30s


NL - 30s


FR - 30s



Our Spotify ads did very well. We achieved 926,280 impressions (unique reach of 285,023).

The CTR of all formats exceeded the Belgian automotive industry benchmark.