How we made ‘Chocolade Jacques’ the perfect Valentine’s Match

Tinder, one of the biggest dating apps in Belgium, is the place for singles to meet. And what is the best moment to find love? Right, on Valentine’s Day. And whoever says Valentine, says chocolate. It was an opportunity for  Jacques to be present on the popular platform and show relevance on the 14th of February.

We surprised love seekers on Tinder with a jummy date that never disappoints

Dating on Tinder sounds easy, but unfortunately, the app also causes disappointment. Often photo and reality do not match at all or the date isn’t quite what you expected. That is why ‘Chocolade Jacques’ came up with a love interest that never disappoints: a knight In chocolate armor, or in other words: a bar of intense Belgian Chocolate.The Tinder profiles of various chocolate bars were launched on February 14. Each bar had its own personality and profile picture: the beach lover, the sporty one or the wellness addict. Triggered by this jummy profile? Then you could swipe right to get to know more. The right-swipers received a delicious Valentine's Day package of ‘Chocolade Jacques’ at home.  Not at all a dissapointment, right? The campaign was a surprising way to make ‘Chocolade Jacques’ relevant on Valentine’s Day and to create true brand lovers.